We the MEERA LASER SOLUTIONS(MLS) are Specialized in Building and Integrating various laser systems for all Industrial Applications

With a Decade of Experience we have established ourselves as a qualitative Laser systems Integrator by providing solutions and machines from various industrious like . Automotives, Aerospace, Electronics, Medical, Jewelry, Printing, sensor, Semiconductors, Scientific, Solar, Batteries etc.

We also provide customized solution for Factory Automation related with CNC, ROBOTIC system design & software for Welding, Cutting, Assembling, Testing, Packaging, Material Handling and Palletizing

Our team possess a solid applications background and the know how to apply various laser sources.

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[Image: Laser Cutting]
[Image: Laser Marking]
[Image: Micro Machining]

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LWOP - BIEC, Bangalore

Sept 26-28, 2018

Join us at Laser World of Photonics Show in BIEC, Bangalore

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