Laser Cutting - 2D Nonmetallic

One big advantage that 2D laser cutting has over other manufacturing methods, such as die cutting, is its high level of accuracy.2D laser cutting is a flexible process, and this characteristic is largely dictated by the type of laser that is utilized for the application at hand. The former two are the most popular, with CO2 being the most common due to their lower power usage, efficiency and ability to cut through a range of materials such as wood, plastic, foam, glass, acrylic and most paper-based materials.

[Image: Fabric & Leather Cutting]

CNC metal laser cutting machine adopts high power solid laser technology computer controlling technology and CNC laser power system with high performance, which has the advantages as follow:

The outside sliding guide ensures fast processing speed, which is especially suitable for the garment and leather industries.

  • Being integrated with more concise frame, this machine is more economical but still have the same excellent cutting and engraving effects.
  • Our three unique protection functions, i.e. anti-interference function, water-protective function and power cut-off function ensure longer working life, stability and effectiveness.
  • The stainless steel honeycomb platform we adopt, which is breakage-proof, ensures stable focus distance thus good cutting and engraving quality.
  • Original Singapore imported lens with molybdenum base makes the equipment produce smaller facula and stronger cutting force, greatly improving working efficiency and reducing cost.
  • Exhausting, absorbing and assistant blowing systems solve the problem that troubles the laser equipments manufacturing industry for years, extending the life of the laser tube.
  • This machine uses USB port to transmit data, equipped with large-capacity internal memory, improving working speed and efficiency greatly.
S.No Parameters Range
1. Processing Area 900x600mm / 1000x800mm / 1200x600mm / 1600x800mm
2. Max. Cutting Speed 24000mm/min
3. Max. Engraving Speed 40000mm/min
4. Laser Power 60W / 80W / 100W / 135W
5. Resolution Ratio 0.0064mm
6. Min. Shaping Character 2x2mm, letter: 1x1mm
7. Location precision <0.01mm
8. Power Supply AC 220V±10%, 50Hz
9. Gross Power <1250W
[Image: Flatter Laser Cutting]

This new design Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine is suitable for all non-metal materials processing with mass production, espcially for large sheet and thickness materials cutting (Acrylic is up to 30mm, 18mm for Plywood and 12mm max. for MDF) which helps to stay ahead of strong competition in Advertisement Industry.

Applicable Materials:

Acrylic/ Plexiglas/ double color board/ ABS board/PVC board/ bamboo/ MDF/ wood/ paper / leather/ fabric/ wool/ rubber/ resin etc.

Applicable Industries:

Advertisement (marks/ signs/ billboards/plates) bamboo & wood product/ art craft work/ ornament/ paper-cutting /cloth/ fabric/ hang bag/ glove/ garment/ leather/ embroidery/ shoemaking/ toy/ crystal/ packing & printing/ panel/ mould/ decoration/upholster and other related industries.

  • Italy imported steel-strip belt; precise gear wheels transmitting technology (The gear wheels move instead of the belt, to prevent sawtooth caused by vibration from the long belts
  • Patent upper blowing system together with normal lower blowing systems.
  • Precision as high as ball screw guide laser bed, ensures 20-year life without deformation.
  • Firm machine body heat treatment, high temperature annealing to eliminate its machine stress, quadrate pipes jointing and gantry milling.
S.No Parameters Range
1. Structure Transmitting Belt With Stepper Motor
2. Processing Area(mm) 1300 x 2500
3. Max. Running Speed 48m/min
4. Laser Power 80W / 100W / 135W
5. Repeating Accuracy ±0.01mm
6. Location Precision <0.02mm
7. Power supply AC 220V±10%, 50Hz(110V, 60Hz Optional)
8. Gross Power ≤1500W
9. Weight(Kg) 1500
10. Packing Dimension(mm) 3670×2070×1380
[Image: Synard Laser Cutting]
  • This model will be equipped with Synrad laser tube from USA, which has working life up to 30,000 hours.
  • Equiped with ballscrew guide and servo motor, this model can work more stably and in a higher precision.
  • Its unique beam expanderis a special optic system that makes the beam wider to give better travel over long distances, which ensures that cutting performance is even in the corner furthest from the laser tube.
  • The usage of an extractor with filtercan stop the poisonous gas and dust from polluting the environment.
  • Our machine programme has a special function, which is the machine can start to work from the point where it stops in case of a sudden loss of power, to prevent the waste of a whole piece of expensive materials especially acrylic.
  • Original Singapore imported lens with molybdenum base, making the equipment produce smaller facula and stronger cutting force, greatly improving working efficiency and reducing cost.
S.No Parameters Range
1. Processing Area 900x700mmMax.
2. Cutting Speed 24000mm/min
3. Max. Cutting Speed 40000mm/min
4. Laser Power 30W/ 100W
5. Resolution Ratio 0.0064mm
6. Power Supply AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz
7. Environment Temperature 5-45º C
8. Gross Power <1250W
[Image: Leather Cutting Machine]

Our precision manufactured lasers and laser systems deliver the highest possible laser engraving performance on a wide variety of materials including wood, glass, plastics, textiles and more. Laser engraving is a non-contact process that will not affect the integrity of the material. Accurately and quickly laser engrave intricate product designs or artwork from any graphics software program. Laser engraving can increase your productivity over traditional engraving methods. Universal laser systems are flexible and can adapt to your business needs based on material size and production expectations.

  • 65W - 220W output powers
  • Excellent beam profile at all power levels
  • High stability output
  • 10,000+ hour lifetime
  • Diffusion cooled design Sealed units with no need for a gas supply
  • Long life, high vacuum technology
  • Unique beam profiles
  • Easy integration
  • Laser tube only or fully cased system options
  • HV power supply
  • Alignment beam option
S.No Parameters Range
1. Valid Work Bench 800mm*500mm
2. Integrity Dimensions (mm) 1800*1050*1000
3. Laser Tube Power 70W/100W
4. Laser Strength Control 255 levels
5. Max. Processing Speed 24,000mm/min
6. Max. Scanning Precision 2500dpi
7. Min. Molding Character Chinese: 1mm*1mm; English: 0.8mm*0.8mm
8. Memory 512kb; offline work is valid
9. Positioning Precision ±0.01mm
10. Graphic Format HPGL/BMP/DXF/NC/DWG/PLT
11. Driving Mode Step System / Servo System
12. Maximum Cutting Depth ≤25mm (acryl)
[Image: Axis Fast Flow]
  • The machine working area is 1250×1850mm
  • The machine has sufficient rigidity and good reliability and efficient cutting performance. Machine layout is compact and reasonable ,small footprint
  • Imported high precision ball screw drive system (X / Y axis)
  • Contact induction servo system (laser die cutting only)
  • Movement and optical protection system; unique exhaust system design, more effective smoke dust
  • This system is made of Laser cutting machine bed, laser tube , and laser tube chiller and system Peripheral
S.No Parameters Range
1. Wavelength 10.6um
2. Normal output 2700W
3. Power Stability ≤±2% Long-term
4. CW(Continuous Wave) Output Power Adjustable Range 20w~max
5. Spot Size 18mm
6. Beam Divergence Angle ≤1.5mrad
7. Pulse Frequency Adjustable Range 0—1KHz
8. Pulse Width Adjustable Range 100us—CW
9. Enhanced Pulse Power ≥3000W
10. Power Supply AC 380V±5% 50Hz 3 - phase, neutral line; 3×35A safety wire;
11. Chilled Water The minimum temperature must be above the dew point
12. The Way Of Working Continuous wave (CW), door pulse (GatedPulse,) the super pulsed (SuperPulse,)
[Image: Garments Cutting Machine]
Applicable Industries:

Garments, shoes, bags and luggage, computerized embroidery and clipping, template cutting, toys, furniture, advertisement decoration, handicraft, packaging, printing and so on.Nonmetal materials such as leather, cloth, acrylic, plexiglass, rubber, plastic, wood, bamboo, ceramic, marble, granite, etc.


We designed this series of machines especially for many uses of garment industries and leather industries, which can save a lot of cost. Special double heads design is good for bulk production needs.

S.No Parameters Range
1. Laser Tube Type 60/80W CO2 Sealed Glass
2. Working Mode Cutting and Engraving
3. Processing Area 1600×800mm
4. Max. Cutting Speed 36000mm/min
5. Max. Engraving Speed 64000mm/min
6. Resolution Power 0.0064mm
7. Location precision <0.01/mm
8. Power Supply AC220±10% 50HZ
9. Gross Power <1100W
10. Driver Type Tri phase stepper motor
[Image: Wood Cutting Machine]
  • Imported 200W; 280W DC-type CO2 glass laser tube
  • No need pre-heat, no startup costs, can be worked while start, low energy consumption
  • High quality precision screw rail transmission system
  • Importing Japanese Mitsubishi / Panasonic servo drive system
  • Contact-type automatic focus system
  • Special beam processing technology make the laser beam keep consistency during processing
  • Reasonable structure design make the machine with high rigidity characteristics
  • Up and down stand-alone type smoking exhaust system, making the effect of the device pumping smoking get unexpected results
  • The protective structure of transmission components and optical components, play an effective role for protecting the screw, rail, optical components and laser components, to ensure that the equipment long-term stable and reliable operation.
  • Strict and scientific assembly process control to ensure precision and performance of the machine
  • Offline control unit.
S.No Parameters Range
1. Laser Output Power 200W
2. X-axis Travel Length 1250mm
3. Y-axis Travel Length 1850mm
4. Positioning Precision 0.05mm
5. Max. Speed Of Positioning 10m/min
6. Controlling System Movement Control Card/NC
7. Transmission System Guide Screw System
8. Driving System 3 axial
9. Optical System Mixed - optical
10. Moving Structure Gantry
11. Chiller System Special Chiller System for Imported Laser Tube
12. Overall Dimensions 2080mm×3190mm×1300mm
13. Weight 1.5T
14. Structure Open
15. Power Supply 380V/50HZ/30A
  • [Image: Fabric & Leather Cutting]
  • [Image: Flatbed Laser Cutting]
  • [Image: Glass Acrylic Cutting]
  • [Image: Fabric Laser Cutting]
  • [Image: Garments Laser Cutting]
  • [Image: Wood Laser Cutting]

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