Our Story

MEERA LASER SOLUTIONS (MLS) are specializing in building and integrating various laser systems for all industrial applications. With a Decade of Experience, we have established ourselves as a qualitative laser systems integrator by providing solutions and machines from various industrious like. Automotives, Aerospace, Electronics, Medical, Jewelry, Printing, sensor, Semiconductors, Scientific, Solar, Batteries etc. We also provide a customized solution for factory automation related to CNC, ROBOTIC system design & software for Welding, Cutting, Assembling, Testing, Packaging, Material Handling and Palletizing

Over 10 Years of experience in laser technology

Who We are

MLS is leading the laser industry forward with a new level of innovation & performance. MLS is fully equipped with high tech manufacturing unit to meet the customer requirement with the best quality & long life of products. Our strong MLS team comprises laser specialists, highly qualified Electronics Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, & Software Engineer.

We are the manufacturer of world-class precise industrial laser machine for ND-YAG laser, Fiber laser, Diode pump CO2 laser, Robot, Glove box & CNC used for Laser Cutting, Laser Welding, Laser Trimming, Laser Drilling, Laser Cladding, Micromachining, 3D Crystal Engraving & Laser Hardening.

MLS has continued to offer the highest level of technology with a research & development that has helped to launch new development & release in state of the Art equipment. MLS provides a variety of manufacturing engineer professionals to enhance their knowledge of Lasers Industry. MLS personnel highly skilled with lot of experience in every aspect of our production. Our Production & Marketing team ensures individual attention to the valuable customers.

Research And Development

Our Mission

To Advance our customers productivity in various laser oriented Applications by applying day to day technological advancements

Our Quality

Considering all the safety measures and having the International Quality Standard in mind MLS' s team provides professional on site quality control during every work flow by providing outstanding solutions for various problems from customers