SP100 Metal 3D Printer

Efficient. Safe. Affordable.

Simple to use, easy to maintain

Ideal for materials R&D, prototyping, small parts production, and education

Open parameter library

Offline build preparation…

SP260 Metal 3D Printer

SP260 Metal 3D Printer

Moderate size for parts production and practical applications

250 x 250 mm Build Plate

400 mm build height

500W laser

SP400 Metal 3D Printer

SP400 Metal 3D Printer

400 x 400 mm Build Plate

400 mm build height

500W laser

3-axis scan head

SP500 Metal 3D Printer

500 x 250 mm build area

220 to 440 mm build height (depending on laser configuration)

Twin 500W laser

Powder bed (SLM) technology

Removable (or tethered) build chamber for continuous printing

Bi-directional re-coater for faster cycles

Variable build area for powder saving

System certification for aerospace and biomedical.

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