Fiber Laser Cutting

The fiber laser generator is an advanced technology that focuses on the high-intensity expert laser beam and the surface of the work area, which can instantly melt and evaporate the glowing area through the superfine focus spot, and then move the light point position by the automatic laser cutting system.

3D Fiber Laser Cutting

The 3D robot laser cutting machine with fiber laser source is equipped with an industrial robot from the leading company for flexible 3D dynamic metal cutting of many dimensions and many angles. A robotic hand-held 3D metal laser cutter is widely used in 3D curved metal parts, metal pipes, automotive parts, kitchenware, and electronic components. Now the best 3D laser cutting machine is on sale at an affordable price.

Tube Fiber Laser Cutting

The advantages of 3D cutting with fiber lasers can also be applied to laser tube cutting. The ability of fiber lasers to solve a significant proportion of applications in this field, whether the pipes are cut straight or have holes or other features to join or assemble more complex structures. These include custom pipe fittings for OEM equipment manufacturers, pipe configurations for furniture, sports, and leisure equipment industries.

Precision Laser Cutting Machine

To keep up with the latest market requirement and to catch the good opportunity of updating the mobile, pad, digital camera, navigator, MP3, MP4, and some other electronic products. Han’s YueMing set up a research team and after their hard work, we successfully made this series. Through the company’s strict internal testing and customer’s practical application, this machine has been proved to have high precision and good efficiency in cutting, and have reached the international advanced level, can be adapted to cut a variety of graphic and letters on double colour plate, thin-film, adhesive, flexible circuit board, wood, plexiglas, etc.

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