DU40 Decanter Unit

0-500kg load cell for operator feedback

Fully stainless steel enclosure for easy cleaning

Fast gas-down of chamber

Enclosure Light for high visibility…

SU40 Sieving Unit

Automated dosing from AmPro PS20/PS60
Ultrasonic Vibration and deblending
Fully inert environment
Maximizes operator safety
Suitable for most printing systems

VU40 Vacuum Conveyor

Vacuum conveyor for powder reuse

Open or Closed Loop Models

On wheels for mobility around the workshop

Suitable for most OEM printers…

PS20 / PS60 Powder Storage

Stainless Steel construction with polished internal surfaces
20L and 60L Capacities
Configurable, removable lid for ease of cleaning and sensor integration
Safe long term bulk powder storage
Suits standard warehouse racking
Integrate with your complete printing system
Powder usage history and tracking

G4 Glovebox

The AMPRO G4 is a simple, fast, and efficient solution for all parts and manufacturing plates up to 500×500 mm. This solution allows you to evacuate the powder from your parts in a safe way, avoiding any risk of contamination of the working environment.
The machine allows 360 ° rotation with two axes, allowing the majority of the powder to be removed by gravity. In parallel, it is fitted with a manual hand nozzle to do an accurate job and to expel powder trapped in complex channels. The G4 glove box machine is controlled with a pedal and glove settings

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